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WELCOME TO Chapel of revelation

Glad to see you are visiting our website. It would give me so much more joy to see your face in church this Sunday. There, you can encounter Jesus and spend quality time with fellow believers to worship at His feet. I promise you, it will be an encounter that will turn your life around for good. You will not only enjoy a warm reception and a Sunday School treat, but a table full of the best that heaven has to offer.

~ Your Host Chaplain ~

The Word

The Word of God from the Pulpit

church events

Church weekly activities

Our services are the same but the content never remains the same. You do not want to miss these services. Come and be blessed.

  • Sunday Service

    Sundays - 8:00AM
  • Youth and sanctuary keepers pray

    Mondays - 5PM
  • Choir and Ushers pray,
    Revelation voices rehearsals

    Tuedays - 4:15PM
  • Pastorate pray,
    Hosannah choir rehearsals

    Wednesdays - 2PM
  • Mid-week Service

    Thurdays - 4:30PM
  • Women and Men Pray

    Fridays - 4:15PM
  • Prayer Band Pray

    Fridays - 11PM
  • Night vigil/ Cross Over Night

    Last night of the Month
  • General rehearsals at unit levels

  • General Evangelism

    Fridays - 4:30PM
    Saturdays - 2:30pm